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Feb. 15, 2021

Interview with A True Crime Psychic Medium - Part One

Interview with A True Crime Psychic Medium - Part One

Tonight, is a fascinating interview with Psychic Medium Ginette Matacia Lucas who's been contacted by various major news networks about her insight into prolific unsolved murder investigations.

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Ginette LucasProfile Photo

Ginette Lucas

Special Guest

Ginette is known for working with Police, families, and Businesses on various projects, from missing persons, finding missing objects, finding treasure, and solving mysteries. Producers, or TV shows call, and hire her for Technical Advising (CNN), her expertise on their movies, and documentaries (NBC, NHK-Japan).

Businesses & Projects...
She additionally works on both residential and commercial water wells, to include Horse Farms. Business owners, Treasure Hunters, and Military have hired her for various projects. The projects include locating gold mines, oil, gas veins / mines, underground tunnels, treasure, stolen goods, successfully.

Media Attention...
Ginette has interviewed with and without her father, Louis Matacia, or her expert team members (please view "Meet the Team" tab) on the paranormal. She is available to interview on a wide range of paranormal subjects from silly or serious ghost hunting, missing, mysteries, and or as an expert of the Paranormal. Please google her name or view our Media page that contains only a sample of some of her Radio, TV, Documentary, Magazine, and book interviews, from around the world.

Lectures, Parties, Events, Conferences, Charities...
Ginette has given custom lectures (The Assoc. of Dreams) on her work (to include colleges like the No. Virginia Community College), training & development in the paranormal / dowsing (Edgar Cayce Foundation). She has handled large groups (The American Society of Dowsers), events, or parties (Time Life Books) alone or with her team members.