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Kevin Paul


Born and raised in the southwestern corner of the Keystone State, I am no stranger to the lifestyle and spiritual beliefs of our Appalachian hills and hollows. My ancestors were among the first Europeans to set foot in what is now Greene County PA, and I was fortunate enough to hear not only their history but folklore as well. The traditional and distinctive spiritual beliefs of Appalachia are an excellent lens through which to observe and focus upon the spirit world surrounding us.

A lifetime of paranormal events led me to examine the unexplored corners of our community and has yielded unexpected results. Like some of my colleagues I believe we live in and on an interdimensional Earth that increasingly reveals itself to those sensitive to it or take the opportunity to look. I prefer using low-tech methods during investigations instead of relying upon electronics. I have discovered there is a rich, uncharted spirit world within Greene County--and no doubt your community as well--densely populated by cryptids, apparitions, and unusual entities.

Paranormal Unexplained

Haunted Hills of Greene County Pennsylvania

Joining me on the show is author Kevin Paul who's here to discuss the strange paranormal activity happening in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Get his book Haunted Hills and Hollows: What Lurks in Greene County Pennsylvania on A...