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Jeff Belanger is an author, podcaster, storyteller, adventurer, and explorer of the unexplained. He’s written more than a dozen books that have been published in six languages, he’s the Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series on PBS and Amazon Prime, he provides programs and lectures to audiences all over the world, and he’s been the writer and researcher for every episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. Jeff has made media appearances on hundreds of radio and television programs over his 20-year career, and he has a passion for mysteries and legends.


Chasing The Devil: Ed and Lorraine Warren Case History

Oct. 19, 2022

My special guest tonight is Jeff Belanger who's here to discuss prominent cases conducted by famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Guest: Jeff Belanger

Who's Haunting The White House

March 21, 2021

Tonight, my special guest is author and researcher Jeff Belanger who's here to discuss his book Who's Haunting The White House: The President's Mansion and the Ghosts That Live There. Now you can listen to more from K-Town f…

Guest: Jeff Belanger