Jane Doherty

Special Guest

Jane Doherty is one of the nation’s leading authorities on psychic experiences. For more than 20 years, she has acted as a communication bridge between the living and the departed, and has helped tens of thousands of people understand their past, future—and the spirit world.

Paranormal expert Dr. Hans Holzer named Jane as one of America’s “Top 20 Psychic’s.” She also conducted the 82nd official Houdini séance for the inner circle of magicians and Houdini enthusiasts. Jane’s media coverage includes: The New York Times, CNN, Fox News Network, MSNBC, Reuter’s news media, and The Today Show as well as private consultations, Jane lectures, conducts ghost investigations and séances—and offers classes including Psychic Boot Camps to those seeking to discover and develop their psychic abilities. She is also available as a motivational speaker.

Jane lives in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

Crystal Skulls & Spirit Contact

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