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Elizabeth April

Clairvoyant / Truth Seeker / Intuitive Psychic / Best-selling Author

Clairvoyant, truth seeker, intuitive psychic, and best-selling author ELIZABETH APRIL (also known as EA), is here on a mission to help humanity awaken by expanding their mind to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer. Through her online community, The School of Awakening, her Amazon best-selling book, You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up, and her successful podcast, Expand, EA has brought her expertise to celebrity clientele like Demi Lovato, models, actors and musicians such as Chris Daughtry... as well as her huge online community. Each week on her podcast, EA dives into topics like the matrix, simultaneous time, consciousness, quantum physics, spirit guides, aliens, awakening, the mandela effect and much more. With well over seven million views on YouTube, over nine million minutes watched every month and an Instagram community of over 100K, the world is listening to what EA has to say. EA has been featured on Vice, Bustle, and Gaia TV to name a few, and has spoken at world renown conferences across North America including the Harmonic Convergence Festival, Alien Con Toronto and Wellness Expo Toronto. She has shared her expertise on numerous podcasts including Almost 30, The Balanced Blonde, Positive Head, Master Mind, Body and Spirit among others. Most recently, EA was a featured expert on Unidentified with Demi Lovato (NBC’s Peacock TV). Elizabeth April is on a mission to help shift the world, the only question remaining is, are you ready to join her on this journey?



You're Not Dying, You're Just Waking Up

June 7, 2022

My special guest is Elizabeth April who's here to discuss her book You're Not Dying, You're Just Waking Up. Get it now on Amazon. There’s a reason you were drawn to this audiobook. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with what you’ve …