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March 26, 2021

Ghost Photography

Ghost Photography

Joining me tonight is author and paranormal researcher Tim Scullion who's here to discuss years of research to capture the ghosts in Williamsburg, Virginia in photographs. Get his book 'Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia: With Breakthrough Ghost Photography'.


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Join ghost photographer and researcher Tim Scullion on a two-year tour of Colonial Williamsburg, America's haunted historic city of ghosts. Visit 43 creepy locations where Scullion describes his paranormal odyssey to capture and explain each apparition, a bit of historical and paranormal background of the building it appears in or over, and insights about these ghostly beings that he has learned from careful observation. With more eighteenth-century buildings and homes than any other place in America, Scullion has learned the secret to consistently capturing ghostly apparitions of all kinds on camera. Examine 230 paranormal images that are beautiful, ugly (if not horrifying!), bizarre, and defy explanation. He also provides historic accounts, ghost sightings, and narrative, insights, and introspection for each location. Colonial Williamsburg is a hotspot for ghosts!

Tim Scullion Profile Photo

Tim Scullion

Special Guest

Tim Scullion is a published author, photographer, and musician. He is a graduate of the College of William and Mary, with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree (Cum Laude). Tim has completed a two-year photographic study of Colonial Williamsburg—out of over 10,000 photographs, only the very best were chosen (230) to document ghosts and apparitions of all sizes, shapes, and colors. He has unlocked techniques to consistently photograph residents of the “other side”, and has included historical background as well as paranormal experiences and personal insights to accompany each house and building in the world’s largest living museum. This book, Haunted, Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography, has been nominated for consideration in the nonfiction category for the 20th annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards. The sequel to that book features the largest group of ghosts ever captured on camera: A whole ghost militia in formation and seconds later photographed mingling with a group of children. Breakthrough Ghost Photography of Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Part II.