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 Ancient Aliens

My special guest tonight in author Will Hart who shares his research into who are creators really are.

 Brad Olsen

Rest in Pieces-2.jpg

My special guest tonight is author Bess Lovejoy to discuss the fascinating stories of how famous corpses were kept and coveted by the living.

 Bess Lovejoy

Poisonous Skies-2.jpg

My special guest retired corporate attorney Garnet Schulhauser shares his incredible experience when he meets his spirit guide. He discusses how he met different spirits in the astral realm and the true nature of our journey in life. He shares some shocking information including how our planet is in transition to a New Earth and what humankind must do to get there!

 Garnet Schulhauser

 Las Vegas 

My special guest tonight returning to the show is Dr. James Fetzer who has published over 100 articles and 20 books on philosophy of science and philosophy of cognitive science, especially of artificial intelligence and computer science. His analysis of what really happened in Las Vegas will have you in utter dismay!


 James Fetzer

 flat earth

Enjoy our very first edition released back in 2016! We explore the biggest lie mankind has every been lead to believe. Our special guest tonight is Mark Sargent to explain what he has found to be undeniable clues that we really live on a Flat Earth. He also discusses why this Secret that is more important than money must NEVER get out. 

 flat earth