How often do you release a new edition?

We release a new edition every other Sunday.

Why do you only have one edition available at a time?

Good question! Due to some gross copyright violations we no longer keep more than one available to listen to in our RSS feed. You can however enjoy more editions from the website.

Ok, so where do I come to listen to them?

It's very simple! Right here at our sweet home on the web! Most mobile companies today have unlimited data plans so worrying about that is a thing of the past! Just click Editions from the menu (mobile users click the 3 dots above) and listen to your hearts content!

How do you operate the audio player?

It's very easy.

The hit the play button to start the show

Give the player a few seconds to start

Touching the playbar will allow you can go back and forth as needed

  I freggin LOVE this show and I want to sign up for Premium Access how do I do that?

Well, first off Thank You for the compliment! You can click here to go directly to our Patreon Page or download the Patreon app for IOS or Android. Then search for Mysterious Radio and get ready to enjoy 2-4 Brand New Editions Every Week!  Easy Peasy!

I want to download your editions for offline listening can I do that on Patreon?

Yes, absolutely! In fact you can download all of our shows through the easy-to-use Patreon app!