Sept. 12, 2020

Desert Nightmares

Desert Nightmares

Tonight, my special guest is author M.L. Behrman who's here to tell us about his research and experiences into all that can be truly terrifying in the Mojave Desert.

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Author M.L. Behrman opens his cabinet of curiosities to bring you a deliciously spooky and bizarre collection of true accounts featuring everything from UFOs, unknown creatures, ghosts, hideous murders, demonic cults and some of the weirdest and most puzzling events ever to come out of the great Mojave Desert. Considered "the Rod Serling of the desert", M.L. Behrman offers an intensely interesting and perplexing assortment of stories from witnesses, both modern and historical, detailing their encounters with things that left them shaken, terrified - or worse! Fans of the supernatural and paranormal will find Mojave Mysteries a thrilling addition to their paranormal libraries and collections of strange, bizarre and unknown phenomenon

M.L. Behrman Profile Photo

M.L. Behrman

Special Guest

M.L. Behrman, outdoorsman and desert enthusiast, is the author and host of "Mojave Mysteries" (the book and video series) as well as the writer behind the acclaimed Western-Horror series of novels featuring monster hunter and cowboy character J. Everett Earl. Often referred to as the "Rod Serling of the desert," his books and video series detailing the strange, bizarre and paranormal aspects of the vast Mojave Desert have thrilled and captivated audiences the world over.